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After having to go to Urgent Care and the ER the last 3 years in a row, this is the first year I have been seriously allergy free and I'm thrilled! What a relief! Very happy she worked with me, it's made a huge difference in my life. K.Vargas-Taos

I am literally able to eat again since taking advantage of the effective treatments offered by Allergy Solutions of New Mexico. Several years ago I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and intolerance (not Celiac Disease). Because my gut had been compromised so much by its exposure to products containing gluten, it caused me to have allergic reactions to a multitude of food and airborne items (33 to be exact). I was starving! The treatments given to me by Allergy Solutions of NM cleared up all my allergies, and I can now eat everything I want, including gluten products. I would recommend this solution to anyone suffering from food or airborne allergies. I would also insist (sounds like a strong word—but necessary) that once you have committed to the program and uncovered the items to which you are allergic, you strictly adhere to the number of “clearings” recommended to rid your body of everything it is allergic to. Can you imagine what a relief that will be to your already-overtaxed immune system? It will now be able to fight the other battles for which it needs to be strong. I am MORE than a happy customer; I am healthy again. I have recommended this program to numerous friends who have experienced equally successful results. 

Gayle C- Taos

I have suffered from allergies since 1985. I started with Kenalog injections for a few years and my MD said ‘no more’. I have seen 2 allergists and had testing done which showed severe allergies to everything that grows in NM. I tried allergy injections, and after the first injection, had a bad reaction to that. At that point the MD said “you need to move to a place with evergreens or palm trees- you aren’t allergic to that”. So I did. Family matters brought me back to NM. Before leaving NM for the NW, my environmental allergies were crossing over to food allergies. Since coming to Allergy Solutions, I am mostly allergy free; occasionally I have to take an Allegra. Today I can again enjoy foods that I had to avoid. What an amazing process and transformation…..and pain free!! It has changed my life in just 3 short months, where in traditional medicine, I struggled for over 25 years.         Dawn T- Santa Fe

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